Teknologi Hasil Hutan

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The objective of this research is to find out the quality of composite board wilh bamboo malting layers produced at various parafin levels. Materials used in this research were wood particles of Paraserianthes falcataria at 4% MC. bamboo, polyurelhane adhesive and parafin. The parafin levels used were 0%. I %, 3% and 5% based on oven-dry of wood particle. As control, quality of the composite board to be compared to commercial particleboard and MDF. The research results show that utilization of parafin up to 3% unproved dimensional stability; however, not significantly improve the mechanical properties of the board Dimensional stability and internal bond fulfill JIS A590S-I994, whereas MOR fulfill 18 type and MOE fulfill 24-10 type.

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Emiwati; Hadi, Yusuf Sudo; Massijaya, Muh. Yusram; Nugroho, Naresworo 2006. Kulitas papan komposit anyaman bambu (II)